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Being successful with mini habits

Wouldn’t it be great to get up early in the morning to do some yoga, eat healthily, learn a new foreign language, have my blog posts ready on time (yes, you got me 😬), and so much more…

I failed with several good habits sooner or later. What I wanted to achieve always felt like it was so exhausting that I gave up after only a few attempts.

Then I read a book which changed the game.

As you know, big tasks lead to stress and the teeny tiny ones are the key to success. The same goes for good habits.

The “Mini Habits” book by Stephen Guise has changed everything for me. According to his system, you make your goals so small that they seem ridiculous. Suddenly, good habits are no longer an insurmountable hurdle.

Here’s an example: If you want to become fitter, you make a daily workout of 30 minutes your goal. Since you’re not doing any sports at all at the moment, this is a huge leap and you’re overwhelmed by the size of the task. So you better don’t even get started.

Make a mini habit out of this goal: From now on, you want to do 1 sit-up a day.

What is going to happen

The goal of one sit-up a day is so small that you will laugh at it. And so will your brain. Ha, how much time does this take, 2 seconds maybe? Ridiculous! So you sit down and do your sit-up. Hmm, you’ll think, this feels good. If I’m sitting already, I can as well do another one. And another one. I also haven’t done push-ups in a while. Let’s see if I still got it. 20 minutes later you’ll look at your watch, surprised. You just accomplished your first little unit.

Be consistent.

And even if it’s really just one sit-up sometimes. So what!? You set yourself a goal and you reached it. Be pleased with yourself!

There’s only one rule: You have to do each mini habit you start, daily. Without exception. It is only by repetition that a habit can be established.

When you’re lying in bed at night and it hits you that you forgot to do your sit-up, you’ll laugh about it and take those 2 seconds. And you reached your daily goal!

It is important to reach your goal every day. Reaching a goal means being successful and success is motivating (and sexy)!

How do I find my mini habits?

  1. Write down your initial goal (e.g. become fitter)
  2. What do you have to do to become fitter? You’ll need workouts, muscle development, healthy nutrition, adequate fluid intake, etc.
  3. What do you want to begin with? Don’t start too many mini habits at the same time. I would suggest 1 to a maximum of 3.
  4. Minimise your partial goals of step 2, until they seem ridiculous and you can’t take them seriously.

Here are some ideas (find the main goals in brackets)

  • Roll out your yoga mat (a daily yoga unit for fitness and/or relaxation)
  • Do one sit-up or your favourite exercise (become fitter/loose weight/muscle development)
  • Write 10 words daily (become an author/blogger)
  • Learn one new word (learn a foreign language)

For more details, buy the “mini habits” book by Stephen Guise. I can also highly recommend his Tuesday newsletter!

Which mini habits will be a part of your daily life? Do you have any questions?
I’m looking forward to reading your comments !

Wishing you lots of luck and contentment ☘



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