Alles Anni, all about Anni, happiness, contentmentWelcome to Alles Anni – All about Anni!

There are so many areas in our lives affecting our well-being, making us either stressed out and unhappy or happy and light. Amongst others, these areas are nutrition, our homes and personal environment, our hobbies, jobs, bodies and mind.

Naturally, we all strive to live a most happy and content life. But many too often, we find ourselves stressed out, burned out and overwhelmed.

Let me help you find the reasons for your overwhelm and get you back to a life you love!
I hope you’ll find some inspiration on this blog and I’ll hear from you soon!

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About me

My name is Annika, but close friends call me Anni. I’m 30 years old, a part-time working mum, living in the north of Germany and an absolute music lover.
It’s my mission to help you reduce the overwhelm and make your vision of life become reality. Whether it’s about improving your home, your personal development, mindset work, or transforming your belief system – count me in!