Minimalism is an enrichment, not renunciation

In my last post I promised to show you ways and tools to simplify your life. Simplicity is our save haven in today‘s complex world, which protects us from overwhelm and stress.

Why minimalism?

For me, minimalism is inseperable from simplicity. It means to only own the things that are really necessary and spark joy. You can use the concept of minimalism in every corner of your home. Whether it‘s furniture, the dishes, clothes or other things: Think about which items make you happy and your life better.


Often, we put out all decorating items we have and add the new ones. Dusting your tops can now take forever. Look at your items and think about which of them make you happy day after day. If it‘s all 20, leave them! Minimalism does not mean an empty home and there is no set number of items you are allowed to have. Minimalism means living with the helpful and beautiful things.

If you find that you love only the two candles on the dresser, leave those two and remove the rest in good conscience.

Let go of the excess

It is important to deal with your possessments in a slow and concentrated way. You are surely able to throw some things away in an instant, because they are broken and/or you know you will never use them. Intact items can be donated, sold or given away as presents.

Sentimental items

It will be more difficult with sentimental things, such as a piece of clothing, which you connect to a certain event. You can store a few things in a little box, but you could let go of others. It often takes time to find out why we cling to those pieces to be able to make a decision.

I had lots of books and CDs.

The books were clearly visible on a shelf in the living room. Whenever I looked at them, the thought that I have to read them came up. I was keeping those books for this reason, right!? This put pressure on me.

This pressure, having to read all books, helped me to let go. I took every single book in my hand one last time and I wanted to read them all once more. I stopped reading a great part of them after chapter 2, because I knew the story and the end. I didn’t force myself to read them all, I was just thankful to learn that now is their time to bring other people joy.

After a long time, I saved my favourite music on my laptop and the CDs could leave the house, too. They have been in a cupboard and I hadn’t used them in years.

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I let go of a shelf full of books and the books from the bedroom floor, as well as all CDs and DVDs.


Take your time

You might experience the same or something similar like I did with many items in your home. Take enough time to deal with your stuff. If you learn that you stick to them for the wrong reasons or that you can get the desired feeling in a different way – let go.

Pay attention to how you feel when looking at the gained space. Isn’t it marvellous?

The next post will be about sunk costs. After that, you’ll let go of unneeded stuff easily.

‘Til then, happy decluttering 😉

Anni ☘️

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