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Minimalism journeys are personal. Always. – Interview with Courtney Carver

Minimalism journeys are personal. Always.
My motivation to learn more about simplicity and minimalism was the urge for more quality time and less cleaning/tidying time. I also learnt that I love clear tops (especially in the kitchen) and only very few decoration. There’s not one category where I refused to reduce items. I love books, but I switched to eBooks completely. I love music, but it’s a no to CDs in my house.
There’s no set number of items you are allowed to have when becoming a minimalist. Changing your lifestyle is a very personal matter and that lifestyle only has to fit one person: you. And your family living with you.
This means that no matter how much you read about minimalism, you always always have to find your own way. No one can do this for you. I used to love solutions ready at hand I only need to copy. But it’s no use. The best way is your way. This goes not only for the right lifestyle, but for everything in life.
Courtney Carver has a beautiful blog called “Be more with less”. This one has helped me a great deal and inspired me to start my journey. She kindly did an interview with me on how and why she became a minimalist. Read it now and find out how to start your journey to a simpler life!
1. Why did you want to simplify your life?
In 2006, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I had been feeling sick, tired, and overwhelmed for a long time and the diagnosis made me realize that if I wanted to live a healthy, happy life, things had to change. I decided to eliminate as much stress from my life as possible. I only made one small change at a time, but it didn’t take long to see that simplicity was at the heart of every change.
2. If one wants to life simpler, where should one start?
Start with one small step. It can feel really overwhelming if you try to simplify everything at once. I recommend decluttering a small space and using that small, cleared-out space as inspiration to keep going.
3. Do you think that minimalism is connected to simplicity?
I didn’t want to size down everything I have and now I am annoyed by everything that’s too much in my home!
I think they are the same thing.
4. If I love shopping and feel like I can’t live without it, how do I change this?
When people tell me they love shopping, I think maybe you don’t know what you love. Shopping is a habit and often a form of self-medicating the pain of boredom, frustration, or other emotions. If you think you love shopping (I did too!), take a break. Try a purchase pause for a few months and put your assumptions to the test. Be open and curious and you may find there are better ways to invest your time, money and energy.
5. What are good alternatives to spending your money on more stuff?
Often, we go shopping to soothe our mind and forget our frustration, right? Trade shopping for self-care. Take a walk, a bath, a nap or treat yourself in another way. When you are frustrated, or don’t feel well in some way, your body isn’t saying, “Let’s go shopping.” It’s saying, “Please take care of me.”
I am far away from the end of my journey, but I enjoy it, now that I’ve made a start. Consistently, spaces in my home stick out to me, which I want to change. Sometimes, a bit of time is required to find out why I want to change it and how. There are also setbacks (=chaos) every now and then. I try to learn something from those and firmly believe that it always gets a little better and one day I will have changed my lifestyle. Not only my home, but also my full calendar becomes emptier (which is very hard for me, but good at the same time.)
I hope you like this post and want to simplify your life now. Patience and fun will bring about required ease  😉
Yours Anni ☘️
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