What does happiness mean?

I am happy! Happiness, find happiness, all about Anni, Alles Anni

I have a great family and friends, everybody‘s healthy, we live in a good, peaceful country. We have a beautiful flat and are not poor.

But: I wish we had a house, I wish I had more money, sometimes I wish I didn‘t have all this chaos in my head, I wish I would make better use of my time. Am I ungrateful or am I not really happy?

It is simple: Yes, I do lead a good life, and yes, I do wish for more.

Happiness can mean thousands of different things and it’s something different for everyone.
The definition of happiness says: Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. When people are successful, or safe, or lucky, they feel happiness. It’s the opposite of sadness (source:

I started this blog, because I want to find more happiness and contentment. For me personally, more happiness means more ease, more space in my home and in my mind. I want a calm mind and surroundings that do not activate my fight-or-flight-response all the time. That is what happens when we‘re stressed and it‘s not so easy to turn it off again (read more on this topic in my next post).

Have a great time on my blog and I hope you‘ll find some happiness here 😉



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