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What NOT to consider when letting go

It is not always easy to let things go, to gift them or throw them away. We think carefully about whether or not we can and want to let go of things we own. But which criteria should you consider and which are better disregarded?

5 important questions

5 questions can help you decide, whether or not to keep an item.

  1. Is it necessary?
    Do you need it and do you need it often? If you cannot live without it, keep it.
  2. Is it helpful?
    If it makes life easier, takes work off your hands or makes it faster, keep it.
  3. Do you have multiples?
    Let go of duplicates. You only need one watering can, one multi-chopper and one whisk.
  4. Do you have something with the same function?
    If for example you have a multi-chopper and a Thermomix, but no space in your kitchen: let go of the chopper. The Thermomix can do the chopping.
  5. Does it bring you joy?
    This is by far the most important question. Does it make you smile? Are you looking forward to using/seeing/hearing it? Do you feel that tingle in your stomach or the relaxation?
    If it enriches your life and makes you happy, keep it. If not, let it go.


What you should NOT consider

  1. What did it cost?
    You don’t want to give away that expensive blazer, because it cost 200 €. That is a lot of money and you don’t want that to leave your house. BUT: Remember that this money will never come back to you, whether you keep that blazer or not. These are sunk costs. It was gone the moment you bought the blazer and they will never come back to you. It should not be considered when making a decision.
  2. It was a present
    We often don’t let go of things that were a present. We feel it is impolite towards the giver. But it is only impolite towards yourself to live in a home, in which you don’t feel comfortable. In addition, the item became your property in the moment it was given to you and it is your decision alone, what you do with it.
  3. I will need it one day
    Many things don’t leave our house, because we will surely need it one day. Let’s be honest: In 90 % of all cases you will not need it and you will not miss it – out it goes! The same goes for clothes. Don’t wait until that one pair of trousers fits you again. For the time it does not fit, it’s hanging in your wardrobe, making you feel guilty. Let it go.
    If you are really unsure, you can put it in box and label the box with a date (in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months’ time). Make an entry in your calendar. If you haven’t needed anything in that box, let it go.


How do you feel about your items? Do you have a lot that’s superfluous or only things you love? And do you really love them?
Do you need help or inspiration? Leave a comment, connect on Instagram or write me an e-mail!

We all have different reasons for choosing or not choosing minimalism. In the next post, you will find out why I started this journey as well as an interview with Courtney Carver from the blog “Be more with less”

Wishing you lots of happiness and contentment, until then ☘️

Yours Anni

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